The Paper Design's Inspiration Of Dragon Pop-up Card

  • Dragons are known as legendary creatures with giant size, wings, horns, and the ability of breathing fire. Impressed by these salamanders, we built up dragon pop-up cards featuring three-dimensional models of dragons.

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    Dragons are legendary, big salamanders that appear in the folklore of many countries from east to west. Their appearances are varied by countries and cultures. while eastern dragons are wingless, four-legged, serpentine salamanders, western dragons are winged, horned, four-legged, and have abilities to breathe fire salamanders.

    Inspiration Of Dragon Pop-up Cards
    Pop-up cards are a perfect combination of paper engineering and traditional greeting cards. The cards feature 3D structures that will come out if someone opens it.
    Inspired by ancient dragons, we created 3D pop-up of impressive and eye-catching dragon breathing fire. The dragon model includes complicated details, which make the pop-up card more powerful. And a new method of folding for the dragon wings which called "dragon folding" is applied to make a perfect design.

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