Why People Still Send And Receive Christmas Cards

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    Due to the strong development of technology, people can easily send and receive Christmas greetings via e-cards and emails. But some still continue their tradition of writing and sending Christmas cards to express sentiments to the others.

    There are three main reasons why people send Christmas cards nowadays.

    Firstly, they want to remain the relationship with the other. We sometimes use cards as a medium to keep in touch with friends and relatives. It's the matter to all of us, to you and to me. When I send cards to let you know that I'm oke, and I also want to see your handwriting and know how you are.

    Secondly, they want to give their kindness. They won't cross someone off their list just because they don't hear back in a few years. They send cards because they can and they have the heart of love.

    Finally, they want to remind the other that they care about them. Those Christmas cards may remind the reasons why we celebrate holidays.

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