Features Of Pop-up Cards

  • Pop-up cards which are also called 3D cards are the perfect combination of typical greeting card and three-dimensional structures. These cards make not only children but also adults interested.

    These cards have been made to have some interesting features such as die-cut, multiple pop-up layers, pull tabs and add-ons like rhinestones, pressed flowers or even lace. Pop-up cards' three-dimensional structures evoke stronger emotions and feelings than simple 2D greeting cards. Some have elements which flip or slide while the others have hidden flaps that only the keenest one will recognize. Three-dimensional pop-ups with a sense of depth seduce many people who are willing to spend time collecting and enjoying the cards.

    Pop-up cards can be made in any size. The size of the cards when they are closed is not so important that when someone opens them, pop-ups appear and make the volume of card much larger.

    Some artist even create new techniques and structures to make unique pop-ups. The others apply the pop-up principles to make pop-up books, pop-up calendars, and other artworks.

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